Anne Büttner is a creative studio offering creative direction, conception and design with a fluid interaction and collaborative focus in the métiere of art, culture, fashion and commerce.


Invalidenstraße 145
10115 Berlin

Sonja-Maria Borstner (Frankfurt), Martin Dörr (Offenbach), Casco-Office for Art, Design and Theory (Utrecht), Manuel Tayarani (Berlin), Andrea Farrenkopf (Berlin), Sebastian Haslauer (Berlin), André Hemer (Vienna/Sydney), Adriana Quaiser (Berlin), Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam), Christoph Schäfer (Hamburg), Naives and Visionaries (Berlin), Spector Books (Leipzig), Stichting LOS (Rotterdam), Tim+Tim (Berlin), Projects in collaboration with HORT: Bergen Assembly (Norway) with Tim Schmitt, Company of Parrots (London), FLM (New York) with Mark Prendergast, Frankfurter Positionen (Frankfurt), KK Outlet (London), Mousonturm (Frankfurt) with Tim+Tim, NIKE (USA), Sehsüchte (Berlin), WNBA (New York) with Mark Prendergast

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Photography by Anne Büttner.
Modeling for Bergen Assembly by Christina Ramras, Manuel Tayarani, Armin Thomas
Modeling for KK Outlet and Company of Parrots by Simon Keckeisen

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