Anne Büttner is a Berlin-based design studio who specializes in creative direction, concept development, and design. A particular emphasis is placed on a seamless interplay and a collaborative approach in the fields of art, culture, and fashion.

With over 12 years of experience in the cultural sector, STUDIO Anne Büttner is capable of developing unique and unconventional identities tailored specifically to each project. Instead of offering superficial designs the work is based on a research-based approach and profound, personal dialogues. This results in a bold utilization of colors, shapes, and typography that redefines conventional expectations and perspectives.

Studio Anne Büttner’s design services include:

 Strategy
 Research
 Creative Direction
 Visual Identities
 Book Design
 Websites
 Editorial
 Communication

If you have a project you would like to realize or any other questions, feel free to contact the studio via email.

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Sonja-Maria Borstner (Frankfurt)
Casco-Office for Art, Design and Theory (Utrecht)
Jonathan Castro (Amsterdam)
Andrea Farrenkopf (Berlin)
Martin Dörr (Offenbach)
Sebastian Haslauer (Berlin)
André Hemer (Vienna/Sydney)
Kulturraum Niederrhein e.V. (Geldern)
PASSE-AVANT (Berlin/Frankfurt)
Wagehe Raufi (Offenbach)
Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)
Schinkel Pavillon (Berlin)
STATE Studio (Berlin)
Naives and Visionaries (Berlin)
Felix Pötzsch (Leipzig)
Adriana Quaiser (Berlin)
Christoph Schäfer (Hamburg)
Spector Books (Leipzig)
Stichting LOS (Rotterdam)
Georg Thanner (Wien)
Manuel Tayarani (Berlin)
Nike (Berlin)
TU Berlin (Berlin)
Tim+Tim (Berlin)
Eleni Wittbrodt (Glasgow)
Zukunft Tanzt (Frankfurt)
Bergen Assembly (Norway) with Tim Schmitt
Company of Parrots (London)
The Intercept (New York) with Mark Prendergast
Frankfurter Positionen 2019 (Frankfurt) with Philipp Möller/Profi Aesthetics
Frankfurter Positionen 2017 (Frankfurt)
Frankfurter Positionen 2015 (Frankfurt)
KK Outlet (London)
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt) with Tim+Tim
Sehsüchte (Berlin)
WNBA (New York) with Mark Prendergast


Anne Büttner
Glasower Str. 38
12051 Berlin

Leon Reindl (#0)

Roma by → DINAMO

Photography by Anne Büttner
Modeling for Bergen Assembly by Simon Keckeisen, Christina Ramras, Manuel Tayarani

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© Anne Büttner 2023.